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Session Spotlight: Parachuting In: State of the Re:Union’s Secret Recipe for Serious Place-based Storytelling… in Practically No Time!

State of the Re:Union host Al Letson and producers Tina Antolini and Laura Starecheski will reveal their secret recipe for how to arrive in an unfamiliar place, stay 5-7 days, and leave with a whole hour’s worth of sound-rich, scene-based radio stories.

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The hidden diversity in the “whitest” state in the nation.

To mark the one-year anniversary of Hurricane Irene, we’re bringing you stories from our Vermont episode, which looks at how residents there reacted and responded to the devastating flooding from the worst natural disaster in the state’s history.

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What happens when you take something seen as a private issue, and make it a community subject? The new way one group in the Ozarks is dealing with domestic violence.

A letter from Illinois-based writer Janet Smith Post to the place she grew up.

How art is being used to overturn negative stereotypes of black men and boys in Baltimore.

Meet a group of ambitious Veterans, who are serving their community after serving their country.

In the Baltimore episode, we featured the story of Dayvon Love, and learned how the debate team changed his life. Here’s more of Dayvon’s story from SOTRU intern JP Davidson, who tells us about the new shift that’s spreading across the debate community.

Many small towns have lost their economic engines. This one re-invented itself. How did White River Junction do it?

A collaboration in cartoons and sound by State of the Re:Union production intern Katrina Roi and Center for Cartoon Studies artist Sophie Goldstein.

We visit the Wanapum Tribe in Eastern Washington to find out how they came up with an unusual solution to avoid the destruction of their land, and existence.